Come Rain or Come Shine

It was early December 2012 when I got a call from my good friend Jelly Roll Johnson. After a bit of Nashville chitchat, Jelly informed me that he was about to record an EP of 7 songs.

This immediately got my attention since Jelly Roll does not take documenting his playing lightly. In February I got another call from the maestro asking if I would be interested in mastering the project. I said yes.

Jelly Is A Master

Jelly is a master.Quite often becoming a master involves a process of addition: whereby more techniques, skills, qualities, experiences etc. are accumulated and added, enhancing the doer. A lot can be accomplished this way.Another way involves subtraction: whereby the work is still done, the materials and techniques learned, and rather than adding, they serve to subtract, or remove any blocks, difficulties, preferences etc.