The Land Of Dreams

Author: PT Gazell

Thought I would pass on my thoughts about Jelly Roll Johnson’s latest recording “The Land Of Dreams.”  For those of you who don’t know, Jelly Roll is originally from Louisiana. His musical thoughts and style drip with that influence. This project is one that I suspect was something he wanted to do for some time.

Like his previous release “Come Rain Or Come Shine,” this is another EP containing 7 cuts. If you have been to the French Quarter in New Orleans and heard how the musicians approach songs, then you already know how this EP sounds….it sounds real! The sonic quality of this project will make you believe you are sitting in a club and hearing it happen. I think it really captures the spirit of the music. I had the pleasure of Mastering this project, and we worked hard to preserve what he and the other professional musicians achieved.

Here is a rundown of the songs:

  1. Basin Street Blues
  2. Didn’t He Ramble
  3. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
  4. Li’l Liza Jane
  5. St. James Infirmary
  6. Tipitina
  7. Louisiana

A few observations from my standpoint:

“Basin Street Blues” is a great way to open the EP. As usual Jelly sets the stage with that big thick tone…love the way he phrases like a cross between a trumpet and clarinet, all the while making sure it still sounds like a HARMONICA.

“Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans.” This classic has always been perfectly suited to the harmonica and Jelly turns in a wonderful straight ahead performance on Chromatic. Pat Bergeson plays some really nice acoustic guitar on this one….nothing fancy just correct.

Li’l Liza Jane….this may be my favorite. This cut is nothing short of fun! Jelly gives Pat Bergeson a chance to play some harmonica on this one as well and the end of the cut is nothing short of big harmonica party. They both also play some Bass harmonica on this cut. Fun fun fun!

“St. James Infirmary.”  This really sounds like “Preservation Jazz Hall Band” stuff.  John Jarvis turns in a great piano solo on this one.

“Louisiana” This is the last cut on the EP and Jelly’s soul on this Randy Newman epic is fantastic. OK I lied, this may be my favorite (also.)

Jelly Roll always delivers and this project is no exception. Makes me want to go record again….yeah I know I been sayin’ that for awhile!!!

Here is where you pick up this gem in either hard copy or download form:


PT Gazell